About Logimethods

Logimethods is a highly specialized consulting firm providing Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise Integration and Business Intelligence services to large organizations to help them:



Logimethods is known for its track record of flawless execution and its ability to leverage new-generation enterprise-grade technologies and architectures such as BPM, SOA, Event-Based Architectures, ESB, BI/ETL, MDM, and others.

We successfully apply these technologies in the context of large complex projects that must leverage and augment existing IT assets to provide immediate business value and new capabilities, such as new business processes, composite applications, real-time dashboards, etc.

Logimethods works with many of today’s prominent technology vendors in the Business Integration and Business Intelligence space to create highly scalable and future-proof solutions.

Our strategic vendor alliances give us access to product-specific knowledge that our experts use to guide organizations in the successful selection and application of sophisticated, high-impact technologies.

Skilled Experts

logimethods experts

Our experts are skilled in the areas of strategy, architecture and implementation. They use leading-edge technologies, proven methodologies and pragmatic approaches to deliver cost-effective solutions with low TCOs and help our clients become more agile. Depending on client needs and preference, Logimethods can provide turnkey solutions or augment the client’s team with subject matter experts.


Logimethods clients include some of the largest companies in Canada and the U.S., such as Canadian National, Desjardins, BMO, Talisman Energy, Telus, Videotron, Staples, Rona and others.

We provide industry-specific expertise and solutions to the following sectors: Insurance, Telecommunications, Utilities, Banking, Healthcare, Supply Chain and Media.

Logimethods is headquartered in Montreal, with offices in Toronto, Calgary, Victoria and Chicago. Contact Logimethods for more information.