Enterprise Architecture

Successful Enterprise Architecture EA initiatives reduce IT development and maintenance costs through standardization, reducing complexity and redundancy, and maximizing reuse.

To produce bottom line business results, EA needs to be an ongoing practice within the organization. Logimethods’ Enterprise Architecture Services encompass three areas of focus:

1. EA Practice Enablement
Providing assistance in implementing and operating a successful EA practice

2. EA Practice Optimization
Improving the performance of existing EA functions;

3. EA Consulting
Carrying out various EA mandates in support of the organization’s EA team and mission.


EA Consulting

Logimethods can carry out a variety of EA mandates to supplement an organization’s skill set or provide additional capacity.

Our EA architects will work with your team, ensuring consistency with your organization’s standards, in areas such as planning, artifact development, tool selection and implementation, and providing high-quality resources for superior results.

Logimethods Enterprise Architecture Services help you develop and maintain a pragmatic and actionable architecture to increase IT agility and enable your business initiatives.


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"Logimethods has proven to be a very capable and reliable partner on many of our complex, mission critical projects. They have made an important contribution in all phases, from architecture through deployment"

Bernard Lamer, Senior Director
TELUS Health Solutions | backed by Emergis

EA Practice Optimization

Many organizations that have been doing EA for a period of time have experienced first hand some of the challenges associated with this discipline. For example:

How to make the architecture maintainable and keep it up to date on an ongoing basis so that it can be used as the foundation for timely planning and investment decisions?

What are the key artifacts that make up the core EA assets?

How can EA tools be used successfully to achieve higher levels of productivity and automation with the EA group?

What are the true benefits of EA?

How can we monitor and measure EA to ensure it delivers business benefits? [and how can they be better achieved?]


Logimethods helps companies answer these questions and others to help them improve their EA function so that it can better deliver the benefits that the business expects.


EA Practice Enablement

For organizations that are relatively new to EA, Logimethods provides an Enterprise Architecture Framework to fast track your EA initiative.

The Enterprise Architecture Framework includes: