Enterprise SOA/SOE

While Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) has been touted as a best practice for increasing business agility and decreasing implementation and maintenance costs, few organizations have actually realized these benefits with their SOA initiatives. This is especially true when SOA is implemented bottom up, web service by web service. One of the issues has been lack of skill sets. Another has been lack of enterprise planning, thereby negating the potential value of reuse.

For organizations seeking higher level benefits, Logimethods can provide a combination of services to help organizations evolve into Service Oriented Enterprises. Organizations that can combine the following , will enable the highest level of business agility and competitive advantage;

Service Oriented Enterprises will be able to achieve the highest level of ROI from their technology investments.

Logimethods SOA & SOE Services can help you architect and implement Service Oriented strategies and infrastructures that will make your organization more agile and responsive to business needs.



Logimethods helps organizations realize the benefits of SOA and SOE. Logimethods can provide expertise, resources, and implementation services.

Logimethods can also help you evaluate technical requirements and technologies, and create strategies and roadmaps for your SOA adoption and/or SOE transformation.

Logimethods solutions are pragmatic and designed to deliver fast time to value and maximize your ROI for technology investments.




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