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Organizations are looking to new solutions to integrate transactions between partners and suppliers and customers. Even if they are keeping existing EDI solutions in place, those solutions are typically too expensive to implement with all their partners and suppliers. The cost of processing electronic transactions is estimated to be generally 10 times less expensive than processing manual transactions. In some industries the cost savings are far more.

To achieve these savings and reduce costly errors, organizations are increasingly looking for ways to use low cost Internet based e-business solutions. Often these new solutions must also support existing EDI transactions. EDIINT is a standard that enables EDI transactions to be integrated with Internet transactions using XML.

Many industries have defined a set of XML protocols for standard business transactions. These protocols can be implemented using standard integration technologies, and integrate with back end source systems. However, e-business requires additional security, management of services levels on a partner-by-partner basis, and comprehensive monitoring and governance. Some solutions also require high degrees of collaboration.

Types of eBusiness Services

Logimethods provides a set of services to help organizations implement e-Business solutions in a timely and cost effective manner. These services include:

Logimethods can help you achieve a faster time to value for you e-business solutions.



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