Accelerate your integration projects with Logimethods’ Integration Framework and fast-track your solution delivery!

The Logimethods Integration Framework is a comprehensive and pragmatic approach to architecting and building B2B & Enterprise Integration solutions. The Framework aims at:

The Framework is the result of years of Enterprise Integration experience accumulated by Logimethods senior practitioners. While the Framework’s core concepts (architecture and approach) are vendor neutral, the implementation is vendor specific to fully leverage functionality and maximize throughput.

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Framework Application Stack (vendor-independent)

The following graphic provides the high-level reference architecture and illustrates the structure of the framework and its relationship to the other components of a typical full-function Integration Suite, from vendors such as Tibco, Oracle and Software AG.

The components in orange represent the core out-of-the-box elements of the Logimethods Framework. The components in light orange indicate areas of the framework that are customized and tailored to each unique situation.


Logimethods Framework

In response to the need, Logimethods developed a reusable integration framework that consists of a reference architecture, a set of best practices, and a library of reusable run-time code for components commonly required for most integration solutions. Logimethods consultants (1) use the framework to deliver faster and (2) provide training and knowledge transfer to client teams to facilitate the adoption of the tools and concepts for subsequent developments.


The Logimethods Framework works hand-in-hand with the Total Business Integration (TBI) methodology and vendor methodologies such as GEAR and Tibco Accelerated Value Framework. As an alternative, Logimethods Framework can also be used with our clients’ methodology. Either approach leads to reduced risks and costs, shorter implementation times and increased quality.




testimonials“Logimethods consultants designed and implemented a webMethods-based EDI solution to replace our aging legacy Gentran system. Their implementation has become a reference for future webMethods integrations at our company and their Framework is an enterprise asset that we are leveraging in several of our current A2A, B2B and BPM projects.” Integration Program Manager Large Medical Products Distributor

testimonials“Logimethods has completely changed our vision of integration. They showed us how to turn into reality these nice concepts of canonicals, decoupling, publish/subscribe, asynchronous and parallel processing that are very easy to understand, but not that easy to design and implement. With their help and their Framework Accelerator we were able to improve our productivity a lot!” IT Director Global Commercial Printer



The Framework provides several benefits, namely:



Frameworks Attributes


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