"We appreciate our successful collaboration with Logimethods in our Enterprise Integration program. With their pragmatic approach and their leading-edge expertise in strategy, architecture and implementation, Logimethods has helped us to reach our goals faster and to lower our TCO."

Linda Michaud, Vice-President Information Technologies
Rona Inc.

Meet the Team

Logimethods has a team of over 90 consultants skilled in the areas of strategy, architecture and implementation. Our experts use leading-edge technologies, proven methodologies and pragmatic approaches to deliver cost-effective solutions with low TCOs and help our clients become more agile. In addition, our strategic vendor alliances give us access to product-specific knowledge that our experts use to guide organizations in the successful selection and application of sophisticated, high-impact technologies.

Office of the CTO
Logimethods’ Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO) provides thought leadership and serves as an advisor to client engagement teams and internal R&D initiatives. It provides technology-related advice, vision and support in view of the following goals:




  • Yvon Bérubé

    Yvon Berube

    President & CEO



  • Ragui Sbaygha

    Ragui Sbaygha

    Senior Partner & COO



  • Bob Seney

    Bob Seney

    Vice-President, Business Solutions & CTO



  • Gary Shanks

    Gary Shanks

    Business Development Manager, Ontario



  • James Gerber

    James Gerber

    Director, Business Operations - Ontario and North-East U.S.



  • Waldes Machado

    Waldes Machado

    Director, Service Excellence



  • Ioan Salau

    Ioan Salau

    Principal, Office of the CTO



  • Haleh Ghezel

    Haleh Ghezel

    Director, Finance & Administration



  • Chris Krikorian

    Chris Krikorian

    Director, Talent Management